Monday, August 24, 2009

We Want Transparency in Fee structure...!!

Dear Friends,

We at Parivartan are taking initiative to make the processes of deciding fee structure of a college which is done by the "Shikshan Shulka Samiti" more transparent .
This committee decides the fee of a professional courses[i.e Engineering,Medical,Pharmacy, MBA,MCA,Diploma etc..] of a particular institute.The numbers of such professional institutes that are present across Maharashtra are almost 1200 +. And the members of this samiti are just EIGHT.

This samiti decides the fee of a college and publishes only the fee that is sanctioned on the website[].The simple formula that they use to determinthe fee is that :- the cost of the infrastructure i.e[no of computers workshop labs tuition fees etc..] divided by the number of seats available for that course in that college.

this cost of infrastructure is submitted by the college itself to the samiti,then after some discussions over that they decide the fee of every institute in Maharashtra accordingly.

So what we will be doing is to ask the samiti to publish on the website the breakup of cost of infrastructure proposed by a college along with the decided fee of each and every college .

Under Right to Information act,as a student,consumer or citizen of India its our right to know for what reason am I paying the fee for..?

By this if college has proposed 100 computers in lab the students can check for themselves whether there are 100 computers in lab or not.

Publishing this information will make this process more transparent

Now the thing which we are going to do is request them via mail to publish the information on website,if 1000 such mails are received by them they will be under immense pressure to publish the information as soon as possible.

So its my sincere request to you to mail the below letter to the following address by just editing your name at bottom to the following email address

Thanking you in anticipation.

Hrishikesh Karve(9970298622)
Tanmay Kanitkar(9823431138)

What can WE DO??
just send maximum mails to SHIKSHAN SHULKA SAMITI !!!
Draft of the mail if given below. just copy it, write your name at the bottom and send it to!!!



Honorable chairman
Shikshan shulka samiti

Respected sir

Shikhan shulka samiti under your leadership has got powers to decide fee structure for all colleges having Health science & higher & technical education have already declared interim fees for the year 2009-10 and for some colleges final fees for year 2009-10. In past there has been lot of agitations from students on fees in various colleges as they are not knowing the facts on which the samiti has finalized the fees. This unnecessarily creates suspicion in the minds of students & parents . Such environment is unhealthy for Institutes as well as students .
Right to Information Act 2005 has very important provision under section 4 (1) (C) & 4 (1) (D) which is quoted below. As per these provision the facts and reasons for any decision affecting public should be declared proactively . Now Fee structure is a very vital decision affecting lakhs of students. Students need to know the facts and basis on which the fees decision is based . Transparency in this matter is very important and declaring this information will be very much useful to students ; parents & Institutes .

for your ready information I would like to quote Right to Information Act 2005 Section 4 (1) (C) & 4(1) (D)

4 (1) (c) Publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing the decisions which affect public .

4 (1) (d) Provide reasons for its administrative or quasi-judicial decisions to affected persons.

We request you to kindly publish on your website all facts & basis behind your decision of fee structure for each and every college and course. This will not only complete the mandatory legal requirement as per RTI Act 2005 but also will be in the best interest of students ; parents and institutes.

Awaiting for your positive response.