About Us

PARIVARTAN represents the citizens which are politically and socially active. PARIVARTAN was formed by a group like-minded youth with the sole aim of improving the political and social structure of our society. We aim at mobilizing the Indian masses and spreading political and social awareness. Most of the citizens today are ignorant and unaware. Through Parivartan we wish to bring about change in their mindsets. We also wish to unite all the people whose who wish to work for the betterment of our society.

Aim:- To improve the functioning of government which includes Politicians, bureaucrats and the common people.

1) Helping the government: By sharing innovative ideas and working with them wherever needed.
2) Objecting and opposing the wrong policies with well-reasoned arguments.
3) Making the government bodies answerable and liable for their actions.
4) Making the uninitiated citizens, aware of the political scenario.

What do we mean by good governance?
1)Democratic Process
2) Complete Transparency in the functioning
3) Participation of Citizens
4) Accountability of the government
5) Proper Planning
6) Equality before law
7) Faster judicial processes
8 ) Citizen centric governing process
9) Zero tolerance towards corruption
Working of Parivartan is based on the above frame work.

Work done so far…

Voting Awareness Campaign: We started our work with Voting awareness campaign in December 2008.We also made people aware about a rule which allows a voter to cast a negative vote. Parivartan members went to the colleges, educational institutes for the awareness of this rule. They helped the students to get registered as voters. Parivartan conducted awareness sessions in various housing societies as well. We distributed pamphlets for awareness in Parks, on streets and public places like Tekdi, theaters etc. We helped the voters on various voting booths on the voting day of Loksabha elections (April 2009). We continued the voting awareness campaign during Maharashtra legislative assembly elections (November 2009) as well. 

Participatory Budget:
 Pune Municipal corporation has a unique initiative of Participatory budget.
In this, citizens are asked to suggest public works. And separate budgetary provision is made for such works which are suggested directly by citizens of Pune. Parivartan worked for Participatory Budget. Members carried out various awareness sessions in Housing societies and asked the citizens to give their own suggestions of Public works in their area. Parivartan members worked with the bureaucrats during this work. Kasba, Kothrud, Warje-Karvenagar, Bibwewadi, Ghole Road, Dhankawdi, Tilak road and Sahakarnagar these were the ward offices of the city where Parivartan members worked at the grass root level and collected the suggestions from the citizens. Responsibility of the other ward offices was taken by other organizations like National Society for Clean Cities. Organizations like Janwani, CEE took the responsibility of the technical part of the project. And all the suggestions collected were converted into digital format for better statistical analysis. For the budget of 2010-2011 we collected 6500 suggestions from the citizens. This was a huge success particularly on the backdrop of mere 1500 suggestions for the budget of 2009-2010. 

BDDS Work: After the bomb blast in Pune’s German bakery, Parivartan started this project. Parivartantook the initiative to help the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS), Pune. The members of BDDS are always at life risk when suspicious bags/objects are found. They have to do the job of detection and disposal in person. We thought that this risk of life can be reduced with the help of engineering brains. With this thought we approached the Director of College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). Now a team of students headed by the Robotics teacher Dr Shantipal Ohol, is making a simple yet effective robots for BDDS to reduce the life risk of BDDS members. Parivartan is trying to be a mediator between this team and BDDS. Also with the help of industrial contacts parivartan is trying to raise the funds for this project. 

Opposition to some UGC rules: As per the UGC (University Grants Commission) rules, students of college are supposed to submit the affidavit stating that they would not do any kind of ragging. Also, parents of the students are compelled to submit the similar affidavit. Such affidavits cost more than Rs 400/- for each student. We opposed this improper rule of UGC. We asked Fergusson College, Pune to stop the collection on affidavit as this is improper. After a good media support and unity of the students who refused to submit affidavits despite of college’s pressure, the college took a back foot and displayed the notice of ‘no compulsion’ regarding affidavit. This was a success of Parivartan’s efforts.  

Keeping watch on public representatives and their performance as elected members: Parivartan,
also, keeps an eye on the performance of the public representatives like corporators, MLAs and MPs. We found out about the poor attendance of corporators in the general body meetings of Pune Municipal Corporation. 

Keeping watch on government expenses: We also keep a close eye on government expenses,
particularly the expenses of Pune Municipal Corporation. It is repeatedly observed that the government, which includes politicians as well as bureaucrats, spend people’s money unreasonably. Such unreasonable expenditures are normally lack the public welfare. And thus, they need to be exposed. We will be scrutinizing the expenditure of the ward level funds of Pune Municipal Corporation before the elections in February 2012.

Parivartan Bank Account Details :

Bank Name : The Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd

Account No : 035200104853489
Branch Name : FC road, Pune

Branch code : 35
IFSC Code : SRCB0000035
MICR Code : 411088004