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  • The Multiutility Kiosk project has failed to full fill its purpose. It has not benefited citizen instead PMC has wasted huge amount money. Project lacks vision and proper planning on the part of PMC.
  • The terms of contract are highly unreasonable and are in the complete favour of contractor, thus appearing to be suspicious in nature.
  • PMC has given undue advantage to the contractor. Vansh has exploited the contract terms to the fullest as mentioned earlier under the heads electricity and advertisement revenue thus Contract has benefited Vansh instead of citizen.
  • It is interesting see to that this resolution was unanimously accepted without raising single objection by all the standing committee members.
  • Renegotiation attempts of the PMC proved futile as the contract was initially drafted carelessly and lethargically in the favour of Vansh.

The Multiutility Kiosk Project raises some serious questions.
  • Why was tender notice not published in any of the leading newspapers?
  • Why the Kiosks provide only one utility service i.e. collection of Property Tax?
  • Why out of 150 proposed Kiosk centres only 75 kiosks are built till the date out which only 71 are working?
  • What are reasons behind irrational placements of Kiosk centres?
  • Why the contract includes such unreasonable terms?
Mere 5% advertisement revenue to PMC.
Burden of electricity charges borne by PMC.
  • Total expenditure over project will be 26,48,00,000/- as payment to Vansh and 7,56,00,000/- Rupees as payment for 2 Mbps Data Link. Total 34,04,00,000/- Rupees.
  • PMC has wasted till the date 6,61,50,500/- rupees as payment to Vansh and 1,51,20,000/- rupees as payment to Tulip Pvt Ltd for 2 Mbps connectivity. Total 8,12,70,000/- Rupees.

Parivartan being representative body of citizen Parivartan demands the following
  • Henceforth PMC shall publish Notice of Tender in relation with any work in at least one of the leading newspapers.
  • Terminate the existing Contract with Vansh which not at all proving beneficial to PMC as well as Citizen.
  • Take proper actions against the persons responsible for agreeing such unreasonable terms of contract.
  • Appointment of an Inquiry committee within 15 days and such Inquiry should end within the span of 3 months.
  • Vansh InfoTech Pvr Ltd has failed to execute the contract as per the terms ageed, hence should be added to the Blacklist.
  • PMC shall float new tender in the leading newspapers and enter into new contract altogether for implementation of rest of the project.
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