Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Environment Awareness March on Saturday

A protest march is being organized on Saturday, 14th August 2010
at 5 pm
(Route- Alka Talkies-Fergusson College Gate-Shirole Path-Balgandharva-Sambhaji Park)

The Maharashtra Government has reserved 10 hills in Pune City for a proposed Biodiversity Park (BDP). However, some members of the Pune Municipal Corporation( PMC) are proposing to allow 4% construction within the park. With the accompanying access roads, electricity supply lines, water pipelines etc.,the actual construction on the hills will be 37%.

The destruction of these hills will destroy the natural barrier that... helps bring rainfall to the city. Pune's hills are part of the eco-sensitive Western Ghats(Sahyadri mountains) & are the entry point to this bio reserve. We must protect this entrance to ensure that this does not become the thin end of the wedge and lead to the destruction of the Western Ghats themselves. Population pressure is not the reason, as is projected by our leaders, but greed.
The Green Pune Movement is planning a campaign to protest against this decision and plans to collect three lakh signatures and present them to the Chief Minister.

Many key personalities like former Union Minister Mohan Dharia,Dr. Madhav Gadgil, member of the National Advisory Council, noted astrophysicist Dr. Jayant Narliker, Vandana Chavan,BG Deshmukh and Vijay Bhatkar have also joined this drive.
DRESS CODE: ''Green''. Carry green ribbons, banners and musical instruments if you have any.


1. Join the march with placards and musical instruments on 14th Aug and spread the word . Lead by example-others will follow.
2.Take print outs of this notice and put them up in your society, company, college, public places etc.
3. Spread the message and forward this to everyone in your contact list .
4. Speak to the chairman/ secretary of your housing society, so that your neighourbood can participate.
5. If you are associated with a company or any organisation then approach the CEO/ Head/ HR manager and enroll their support for the campaign.
6. If you know any celebrities/key personalities who would want to associate with The Save Pune's Hills/BDP campaign, please refer them to us.
You can also sponsor caps, t-shirts, banners, posters, badges etc. For any of the above please email to or call 9370015930/9763719271 .
7. Post this on any social networking sites you are a member of and also join us on Facebook .

8.We welcome more ideas, concepts, and suggestions to make the Save Pune's Hills/BDP campaign even more succesful.

Do what you can, take photographs and email us about your contribution at

Post your ideas and experiences on Facebook.

If You are not from Pune, pls fwd this notice to anyone you may know in Pune .


Thank you,

Green Pune Movement