Friday, March 27, 2009

I VOTE Campaign

Citizens are aware that to Vote is our Right….!

But are they aware that to Vote is our Duty too….???

Are they aware that to vote is our Responsibility too……?????


PARIVARTAN Launches I VOTE campaign.


There is a Four point program of the campaign…

 1.     D2D & Society Meetings: Door to Door drives…. Our volunteers meet the Voters directly by Home visits…

      Volunteers visit the society meetings to address the citizens regarding our duty and responsibility.

2.     On Road: We plan to have some drives on heavy traffic roads and specially in Main Chowks of the city from 10th April to 22nd April.

3.     Booths: We also plan to have booths in the various parts of the city to help people regarding Voting information. Booths will be equipped with Candidate’s information, voter’s list, maps with polling stations marked on it. Booths will be placed in the last week of the campaign.

4.    Let's VOTE Rally: We are planning a massive rally for voting awareness on Saturday, 18th April,2009. Join us for the cause...!

Campaign Coordinators:

Hrishikesh: 9970287622 

Vikrant: 9049930992

Donations in the form of Cash, "Raddi", Cheques and Volunteers are most welcome….!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

India Online....!!

You should know the following websites. These are the Official websites of various departments of the Government.
They are full of information that you might not be knowing....!!! 



Independent Offices:




These websites will make it easier for you to understand the Govenment, Executives, Legislature, Judiciary, Security and the functioning of Independent bodies....
Make most of it.....!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Youth will Decide Pune's MP...!!!

The statistics show that the youth will play an important role in Pune constituency in LokSabha elections 2009. 
Almost 48% of voters of the city are between 18-39 years of age. 
So it is sure that the Youth votes will be of vital importance in Pune Constituency.

Written by Tanmay Kanitkar
Daily "Sakaal" dated 14th March,2009. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Poilticians with criminal background

Here are some statistics about the politicians with criminal background...right from Municipal corporations to State legislative Assembly of Maharashtra.
Right now Some of these are "charged" for criminal offences but cases are pending in the courts. As the court of law has not given the judgement on these cases, legally we can not call these politicians as "Criminals"...!! 
Of course our grandchildren will see the day when "the court of law" will give its judgement...!!
And then the case will be appealed in the supreme court....!!!! 

These politicians include 24 MLAs, 3 MPs, 5 ministers, 3 ex-ministers, 10 ex- MPs, 30 corporators, 2 Mayors and 2 Z.P. presidents.

Written by Tanmay Kanitkar
Reference: daily "Sakaal" dated 9th March, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Interesting facts of Lok Sabha Elections

Budget of the election has gone up to
  Rs. 1200,00,00,000(2009) from Rs. 10,79,69,000(1967).

Election expense on each voter: 
Rs. 0.43 (1967) to Rs. 16.80 (2009)

Although Election Commission spends such a huge amount of money to keep democracy alive, the percentage of voting is consistently decreasing over last 60 years. 
61.16% (1952) to 58.07% (2004) 

As the Election commissions preparations are for 100% voters, the money spent for "Non voting voters" is wasted... So "the number of voters who do not vote multiplied by the amount spent on each voter" gives you the total amount of money wasted in the election process.
Rs. 4,19,17,599 (1967) to Rs. 579,73,07,800 (2004)

To Vote is our RIGHT.......DUTY......and moreover......RESPONSIBILITY....!!!

Have you realised how big our responsibility is??? 
If we do not vote, it not just weakens the democracy but also wastes the money spent on you by the government. 

VOTE !!!
FOR OURSELVES........!!!

Written by Tanmay Kanitkar
Offiicial website of Election Commission of India:
And daily "Sakaal" dated 1st and 3rd March 2009.