Saturday, July 6, 2013

Voters Registration Drive in 247 Colleges of Pune by Parivartan and Election Commission, Pune

Dear All,

Parivartan and 500+ NSS cadets have joined hands to do end-to-end voters registration drive in around 247 colleges of Pune from 15th July to 15th August.

As you can see this is mammoth task, beyond the capacity of any one group/NGO. Moreover, this noble mission deserves participation and involvement from all, across the NGOs/groups. Let us come together and execute it, like we have done in past for voters drives at Corporates and Societies level.

A humble appeal to all of you to help in following ways :

1. Money :

Posters/banners for 247 colleges, training to 500 NSS volunteers, event publicity etc. would require money. More details in attached project-plan document.
Your donation can be received in Parivartan Bank Account (by cheque or online transfer) and details of expenses will be published transparently.
Account Name  :  Parivartan,
Account no      :  32667072640,
IFSC code        :  SBIN0001110
Branch            :  State Bank of India, Deccan gymkhana, Pune.

2. Time :

Need to train 500+ NSS volunteers on electoral process and co-ordinate with them.
If you can spare time to do that with few NSS volunteers, it will be helpful.
[All it might cost you is couple of weekends and 2-3 hours on two working days]

Please come forward and help in whatever way you can.

Formal approval from govt authorities and project plan are given below.

Nagarsevak Report Card 2012 - 2013

          We all have got our report cards since school and college. Even in corporate companies appraisal system is there to evaluate an employee. It’s high time that our elected representatives are evaluated and who better than us common citizens to do it!!
So we present you with Corporators Report Card .

                                       Now Think and Vote !!!

Here are their Report Cards :