Sunday, March 9, 2014

Parivartan - iVote Voting awareness drive - Loksabha elections 2014

Parivartan has worked hard for voters registration drive over last one year in collaboration with Election commission, Joint Director of Higher education and NSS Pune University.
We were able to reach out to 55000 citizens of Pune through this campaign and were successful to get maximum of them in voter’s registration process.

On the similar lines Parivartan is planning to do Voters awareness drive across the Pune during 29th March 2014 to 16th April 2014, in collaboration with Election commission .

Following are the major activities we will be doing :

1. Campaign on the streets of Pune :
  • Major Public traffic Roads
  • Major Public traffic chowks (Squares)
2. Campaign at different public places
  • Tekadi
  • Parks, etc.
3. Campaign at different colleges (Inside / outside).
4. Pathanatya / Nukkad Natak
5. iVote run/ walk
6. Walk and talk (Quiz – Chalta Bolta).
7. Informative short films/ Videos to be published over Social media.

We need maximum support from every individual / social groups to volunteer in this drive and make it successful.

Interested volunteers are requested to Contact us on :

Mobile : 8308305511
Email :
Facebook :

Come ...  Join Us !!!