Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Interesting facts of Lok Sabha Elections

Budget of the election has gone up to
  Rs. 1200,00,00,000(2009) from Rs. 10,79,69,000(1967).

Election expense on each voter: 
Rs. 0.43 (1967) to Rs. 16.80 (2009)

Although Election Commission spends such a huge amount of money to keep democracy alive, the percentage of voting is consistently decreasing over last 60 years. 
61.16% (1952) to 58.07% (2004) 

As the Election commissions preparations are for 100% voters, the money spent for "Non voting voters" is wasted... So "the number of voters who do not vote multiplied by the amount spent on each voter" gives you the total amount of money wasted in the election process.
Rs. 4,19,17,599 (1967) to Rs. 579,73,07,800 (2004)

To Vote is our RIGHT.......DUTY......and moreover......RESPONSIBILITY....!!!

Have you realised how big our responsibility is??? 
If we do not vote, it not just weakens the democracy but also wastes the money spent on you by the government. 

VOTE !!!
FOR OURSELVES........!!!

Written by Tanmay Kanitkar
Offiicial website of Election Commission of India:
And daily "Sakaal" dated 1st and 3rd March 2009.


  1. wel dats very true ......... n if we calculate the voting expenses for each voter after 50% voting it's Rs 40.(ref.sakal saptarang ).GOVT is spending this much amt on each vote we have to be very careful while electing our gret LEADERS. pls guyz dont waste ur vote.we just have to think about the background of a candidate,n what will be the future of our vote.

  2. Recently I met one of my friends...
    " I vote in every election....!!",She told me after listening about Parivartan...I was happy to hear that....
    " I vote for the candidate of has the least probability of winning.",She told me...I was confused....
    " Because I feel very bad for them.... they spend so much money and nobody even cares to vote them.... so I vote for these candidates.......", she added....
    I was speechless.... how can someone be so irresponsible?? We are not voting in any damn reality show...for god's sake its political election...we choose our rulers here.....
    Be responsible....

  3. Its pretty clear from above stats how d precious amt of money is wasted ... so people plzz exercise ur voting right n ... come forward for improvement of india...Vote for the party that best represents your values and concerns. If that party wins in your riding, then ensure the elected representative follows through with their promises.... but for all this 1st thing thts imp is to VOTE ....

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